Mattia Zeni

Software Engineer, Researcher...

I have a very strong attitude to work in team and to conclude the assigned tasks, no matter how difficult they are.

Mattia Zeni is currently a PhD student at the ICT Doctoral School of the University of Trento. He received the MSc in Telecommunication Engineering from University of Trento, Italy, in 2013 and a BSc in Telecommunication Engineering from the same university in 2010.

He has been a Junior Research Engineering at CREATE-NET International Research Center from May to October 2013. He worked for IBM as a Research Scientist in Nairobi, from June to August 2015. His role was to work on Watson's core components and adapt them to the automatic analysis of thousands of newspaper pages.

He likes to travel around the world, meet new people and experience new cultures.


italian native speaker
english fluent


team work
hard worker
love new challenges


java, python, C/C++,
objective-C, HTML5, PHP,
javascript, matlab
♥ mac OS X
windows & linux


data analysis bigdata
software engineering
applied semantic
machine learning

Curriculum Vitae

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Research Interests

Being responsible for my tasks and accomplish them according to the requirements is my best expectation, and ICT and Research are my passions.

His research interests are about System Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Semantics applied to data analysis, Activity Recognition, Data mining and Big Data.

His PhD thesis is about the design and implementation of a framework for activity recognition that uses semantic models to enhance the final accuracy. The idea is to model human and environment behaviors and use this information in the recognition phase in a complementary fashion with machine learning techniques exploiting big data collected from wearable devices.

Master Thesis

Design and Prototyping of a Social File Sharing System Over Opportunistic Mobile Networks.

IBM Research Africa

Nairobi, Kenya

Doing an internship at IBM Research Africa has been the greatest challenges I've ever faced, and the best life experience!

Working for IBM has been a great opportunity for my career. I worked with the best scientists in the world on concrete problems for the African people.

The two main project I focused on during my staying at IBM where about: (1) Newspaper analisys using NLP core components from Watson IBM System. (2) Low-cost and low-power WSN used to sense the moisture of the soil in farms and enable real time analysis on the collected data.


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Informatica (CdL triennale in Matematica, a.a. 2016/2017)

Lezione 1 (slide, esercizi): Java, variabili, operatori, Eclipse, istruzioni condizionali.

Lezione 2 (slide, esercizi): Commenti e stampa, Errori, Lettura da Tastiera, Istruzioni Condizionali, Iterazioni.

Lezione 3 (slide, esercizi): Procedure e Funzioni, Iterazioni e Ricorsione, Variabili Globali e Locali.

Lezione 4 (slide, esercizi): Esercizi di ripasso su argomenti visti fino ad ora.

Lezione 5 (slide, esercizi): Array e Matrici.

Lezione 6 (slide, files, esercizi): Scrittura e Lettura File di testo.

Lezione 7 (slide, esercizi): Debugger, Oggetti.

Lezione 8 (slide, files, esercizi): Esercizi finali su argomenti visti durante il corso.

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Bright, Grant M.



Smart Society internal WP3 leader for the University of Trento. Responsible of the implementation and management phases for Work Package 3.


Checkout on GitHub

YOUStatAnalyzer is a tool written in Python able to capture the popularity metrics of YouTube's videos.

Opportunistic DropBox

Download the Report

Design of a Dropbox-like application for multimedia content able to exploit opportunistically transmission opportunities.

TI eZ430 WSN Project

Download the Report

The goal of the project was to use eZ430-RF2500 TI low-power wireless devices to implement a multiuser chat.

Distributed Systems

Download the Report

Realization of a high availability replicated locking service responsible for allowing or denying clients access to the servers.

Game Controller

Download the Report (in Italian)

Design and fabrication of an accelerometer-based game controller and implementation of its firmware.

FPGA Morse Decoder

Download the Report (in Italian)

Design and implementation of a morse decoder using FPGA and VHDL programming language.

Project List

Check the list of the projects I worked on


6 Papers (18 Citations)

MobiCASE 14 (Nov 6-7)

Austin, Texas
M. Zeni, E. Bignotti, F. Giunchiglia, G. Bahle, A. Gruenerbl and P. Lukowicz

Recognizing Hospital Care Activities with a Coat Pocket Worn Smartphone.

Ubicomp 14 (Sep 13-17)

Seattle, Washington
M. Zeni, F. Giunchiglia and I. Zaihrayeu

Multi-device Activity Logging.

Valuetools 13 (Dec 10-12)

Torino, Italia
M. Zeni, D. Miorandi and F. De Pellegrini

YOUStatAnalyzer: a Tool for Studying User Generated Content Popularity.

Percom 13 (Mar 18-22)

San Diego, California
M. Zeni, C. Caprini, N. Conci, D. Miorandi and I. Carreras

TinyBox: Social, Local, mobile Content Sharing.

Publication List

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Mattia Zeni

PhD Candidate - ICT Doctoral School
Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science
University of Trento, Italy
via Sommarive, 5 - 38123 Trento (Italy)
Advisor: Professor Fausto Giunchiglia

+39 347 1446455